Oppo A30 Release Date, Price, Review, Features & Specifications

OPPO A30 is china based mobile handset brand. This brand is now one of the popular brands that release smartphone regular basis. This continuous process is a show off again. So now they plan to introduce a new smartphone. This is the OPPO A30 by model. This phone will be released in this present year with some new experience. Through two years one by one they launched the various smartphone.

This phone can able to get a good feedback from the users. So they try to something with some special features and specifications. OPPO A30 is an upcoming model of this famous brand. Besides they add the new subject for the new generation. Processor quality, camera resolution, body structure and all the overall condition of the phone are very nice and standard. The phone is like to OnePlus x launcher.  So here a user can enjoy metallic body structure that makes the very beautiful looking.

Oppo A30

OPPO A30 Release Date:  There are few many phones already come to the market by OPPO company. Day by day the add some new version and high-quality type of things.  The company declares the announcement of this phone. China gives more importance in the subcontinent.  A lot of people are live in here. India is a really big market for this brand They release their phone almost 30 April in 2017.  Besides they end their releasing time through this present year all over the world. So it can be said that April is a big month to get the phone.

OPPO A30 Price: Every company wants to make a good profit. But this mainly depends on customer satisfaction and how to use this phone. OPPO A30 evaluate this important thing. So already set up a standard price.  This price is not so high and enough for the customer to get it. The price in India almost 16,990 rupees. Besides they make a chance to buy the in an online system. So if people want they buy this phone in the online market like Snapdeal, another way Amazon, Flip another way. The price in the USA about 200$-250$.this phone is the best example the high-quality phone with the minimum level of price.

OPPO A30 Product Review: like all other companies the OPPO are a day going in a favorite list of the smart phone user. They are really user lover and give high importance of the people. Upcoming days are very special for smartphone company. So OPPO adds some configuration that accepted to the people. The camera is one of them because of this one and only brand that uses more mp front camera comparing to back camera. That why they already release selfie expert F1 plus. Now they use the tagline that is a camera phone. Many famous actresses work with them. Snapdragon processor they used which varies fast and-and speedy also. The 2.5ghz processor is work browsing the internet very quickly.  Display configuration maximum quality with high-quality video recording. They produced this phone something like OnePlus x launcher. This is also a china brand.

OPPO A30 Features: OPPO want to give something new in those upcoming days. First of all, in OPPO A30 they add 13-megapixel camera back position. Today the generation lead social media as their choice. Photography is very much used here so.  This camera can take a nice shot and you can upload it on facebook, Instagram, twitter also.

OPPO A30 Smartphone Informasion:The front camera almost 8 megapixel is good enough for taking the selfie for selfie lovers. The 2.3ghz processor is a wonder for every smartphone user. Net browsing, apps downloading and-and other work done by very speedy. 5.00 display with 1080 x 1920 Pixels, Full HD version. Video recording also full HD quality. Basically, they make this phone three colors black, golden, and silver for various type of user. Here two sim can be used and both are standby. The 2G,3G 4G network are available in this phone. Multitouch programming makes this curious to the users. Most important factor is RAM almost 3GB with internally 16 GB ROM that is up to 32GB can be used. Battery structure is Nonremovable 2525mAh. Besides Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, the Wi-Fi hotspot and micro USB 2.00 are available.

OPPO A30 Specifications: Here all the specifications are included in the shortly way. Take a look and-and enjoy the specifications.

–  Loaded with Android 5.10 lollipop operating system.

–  Octa Core processor

–   A ceramic body shell apart from this

–  Quad HD Display and sensors like Accelerometer, Proximity Sensor, Ambient Light Sensor, Gyroscope, and Fingerprint identity sensor.

–  Screen of 5.00 inches with IPS DISPLAY and resolution of 401PPI

–  3GB RAM and 16GB ROM that is up to 32 GB internally used.

–  The display is of QHD AMOLED and is considered to be of super LCD touch screen

–  The rear camera will be of 13MP The front facing camera  will be of 8MP

–  Flash Feature introduced, Front Camera with retina flash

–  Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor

–  The battery is supposed to be of 2525mAh with first charging system

–  Quick charging system

–   Dual SIM facility and supports the 4G connection of up to 100Mbps

–  3G as well as 2G connectivity

–  3.5mm headphone jack and comes along with an FM Radio.

–  Micro s.b card slot 2.0

–  Black, blue, gold, white color with a ceramic body.

–  was mp3 player.

Conclusion: OPPO A30 are nice looking phone with this all features and specifications. Some days later is can be found every corner of the world. This phone are able to inspire to all ages people. Clone version of OnePlus x this phone is amazing in every section. So this information can be helpful to you.  If you have any dought please comment on this. If you like to share our post. Thank for stay with us.

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