CShare Apk v2.2.0 Latest Version Download

The CShare APK is one of the best and most popular file transfer apps nowadays. This app is a very useful which can share any data like videos, movies, images and many more documents like music songs at very fast and easily. It uses the Wi-Fi singles to transfer files to another mobile. Its speed is very fast and it can transfer data 10 times faster than 3G and 4G networks. At the same time, it can transfer data 300 times faster than the Bluetooth. Moreover, the usage of this app is very easy and simple. This software has many amazing features which made this app very popular among all Android smartphone users. Now, read its features, downloading and installing process in the below article.

What Is CShare APK?

The CShare APK is a software file format that is used to install the CShare app on any Android smartphone. Now, the CShare is an app which is use for share videos, movies, images and many more documents like music songs. It actually has an amazing speed of sharing that just take a few seconds to share your data. However, this application has many versions but its latest version is totally amazing and cool which has many new abilities. Besides, after release, its latest version is more famous in the world and it has so many users all around the globe.

CShare Apk
CShare Apk

Moreover, the latest version Cshare comes with some new features and many multiple options. You can explore all the features and new options after installing the CShare APK on your phone. CShare Software works 10 times faster than the 4g and 3g. So, download and install this app for faster data transfers and you can download it from here free.

CShare APK Download Latest v2.2.0 for Android:

The data sharing apps are very mush important in today’s world. Every smartphone users need great software that can share data easily and at a faster speed which Bluetooth cannot do. So, this is the time to forget the old sharing devices like the Bluetooth now it is a time to use the latest and fastest apps. And, the Cshare is one of them which are so fast and it will always save your time. The Bluetooth is an old method of sharing files and it is so slow and lazy as well. But, the Free Download Cshare APK  for Android is newly released for Android phones and it is an awesome app.  This application is also very fast with the competition to Bluetooth.  Now, if the Bluetooth needs two minutes to share any file so the same file can be transferred in 20 seconds through the Cshare.

What Are the Main Features of CShare Apk?

The CShare is an app that can transfer data faster than other data sharing software like Bluetooth. This app has many cool and amazing features which have made this app very popular among all smartphone users in the world. So, check out its amazing features in the below and download CShare APK from this site to get this app.

  • You will be able to get your device identified with just a click in CShare and file sharing between devices.

  • This app is totally free of cost which transfers file between devices easily.

  • It requires no sim, 2g/3g nor any Wi-Fi network. And, you don’t have to pay for network charges.

  • The CShare users can wirelessly connect so that they can share data without any worries.

  • The data sharing speed using CShare is ten times faster than 3g and 300 times faster than Bluetooth.

  • The user of this app can transfer any applications or videos or music or pictures between two or more devices.

  • The most amazing thing about this software that it is effective for up to 100m.

  • The best feature of CShare is that it supports group sharing so that instantly share a party video’s, music album’s or photo to your friends at once.

  • A user of this app can share any files without network charges or Wi-Fi connection.

  • The CShare eliminates the need for cables so that you can wirelessly transfer information rapidly between two different Android phones easily and faster.

  • The smartphones which have installed the CShare will automatically find other CShare when in range.

Additional Information about CShare APK for Android:

The CShare for Android smartphones is a dazzling application developed by mobogenie for users which allows users to transfer, send and share various files despite taking consideration about the file format chosen for send and receiving. Now, the CShare APK gives users an entirely new way of connecting phones and making people feel the speed present. However, the speed offered in CShare and present for users is many times faster than the normal speed present in Bluetooth and other than the medium.

This application can be used if you are unsatisfied with the speed of transfer and sharing of your Bluetooth medium. This software is the most capable one and has the creditability of standing on your expectations rather than other data sharing software. So, you must download this app now from this site free and easily. And, in the below, I am going to tell you how you can download and install this app easily.

How to Download and Install the CShare APK?

You can Download the CShare APK from the Google PlayStore easily and without signing in. On the other hand, you can also download this app from this website easily and free. Yes, in this website, you can download this software easily and without facing any problem.

Download Apk

Install Google Play Store

Now, to install this app, you need to follow my instructions. After downloading the CShare APK from here, open the APK file on yours Android smartphone memory. Then click on the install button and you are done.


Finally, it is needless to say that the CShare Apk is a great data sharing app which can transfer any data faster than other data transferring software easily and at a short time. So, you must free download CShare APK from here free and simply.

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